The Blessing!


Planning for the Future


Finances: Job or Opportunity


LBQ - Finances

The Commitment Series


Commitment to His Way through a Devotion


Commitment to His Way through a Dependence


The I Believe Series


I Believe in God


I Believe in His Promise


I Believe in God's Plan


I Believe in Joseph


I Believe in the Resurrection


I Believe in Christ


Committing our way to HIs Through Discipline


Committing our ways to His Through a Directive


Individual Messages

Choosing to WIN


Running to Win


Spiritual Weightloss


What do You Want from God


Family Unity


Family Strength


LBQ - Family

He Cares For You


Making His Triumph Yours


The Resurrected Life


Finances: Job or Opportunity


Planning for the Future


The Blessing!


LBQ - Finances

Christian Life's

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